Who inspired you to persue your dream of acting

I wish I had this really profound answer for a question like this, but honestly, it was myself. Maybe that is profound to some, but I found this thing I liked to do very early in life. It was just a hobby, a way to pass the time when I was a kid, and then a way to get noticed. WHen you're the youngest, you have to do what you can to earn your place, so to speak. My older siblings had their thing. They were doing well in school and they were going off to become the amazing people they have become and I was just sort of there. Existing. So I used that existence to build this skill set that has allowed me to do this thing. Its still like a dream to me, becauase it doesn't seem like it should be real, I shouldn't get to play out these amazing stories, become these characters, wear amazing costumes. Its still surreal.

"I miss being home a lot. I miss getting to see my family whenever I want. I miss getting to see my nieces and nephews grow up. Family is everything and I stay as connected as I can, which is easier now than it was thanks to all the technology we have, but its not the same as getting to experience their childhood."

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Most anticipated book adaptations of 2016: The Light Between Oceans

"I am not always a sex symbol you cannot say I'm a sex symbol! [laughs] Honestly, I'm just very comfortable in my own skin, and I think that, more than anything, is sexy. It's not always easy to show that side, especially for a photoshoot or a film. There are so many people around. Its not like I can be like what would i do if my boyfriend was here. I mean, in a way it is, there is that level of pretending. But What you see on film isn't necessarily what I'm like in private. And my family... well I think I give them consistent heart attacks whenever I'm wearing little to nothing. My dad's a pastor. Being proper was and is a way of life. He still really struggles with seeing his little girl in compromising situations."